From the recording I Can't Wait For Christmas

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Verse 1
As the Summer days come to an end
But the heat still lingers on
Decorations popping up on shelves
Of your local big box store
You can start to feel the chill in the air
As the sun goes down at night
That's when my mind takes off on a journey
Of Wintery delight

I can't wait for sweater weather
Pumpkin spice and all that's nice
Counting down the days till Christmas
Made my list and checked it twice
Santa please fulfill my wishlist
I've been so so good this year
Promise me that this December
My dreams will come true for real

Verse 2
I'm already ready to go pick out
A gorgeous Christmas tree
Cannot wait to start my Christmas shopping
For loved ones and for me
But there's still a few more months to go
So I wait impatiently
Let's get through the other holidays
It'll come eventually

I love Summer, its warm temperatures
Walking barefoot in the sand
But there is nothing quite as magical
As a Winter Wonderland